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About Anacortes Schools Foundation

Leave a legacy of education with planned giving through a will or retirement plan/IRA with Anacortes Schools Foundation's planned gift opportunities.

A bequest is a written statement in a donor's will or trust directing that specific assets, or a percentage of the estate, will be transferred to charity at the donor's death. They can take many forms, donating stocks, retirement accounts, IRAs, cash, insurance, etc and are completely controlled by the donor until their death. Donors can leave outright gifts to the Anacortes Schools Foundation in their will or trust agreement or establish gift annuities and trusts by means of such instruments.
Retirement Plans and IRAs
A second type of expectancy involves naming an organization as the beneficiary of a retirement plan or IRA. For many individuals, retirement plan assets represent the single largest asset in their portfolios. This gifting opportunity merely involves obtaining a beneficiary designation form from the retirement plan administrator and naming a charity as the entire, or partial, beneficiary of the retirement plan assets upon the owner's death. A donor may achieve significant income and estate tax savings by naming a charity as the beneficiary of the retirement plan assets.

ASF Legacy Society

The ASF Legacy Society will identify and recognize individuals who have included ASF in their will or estate plan (unless the donor desires anonymity). All planned gifts qualify one for membership, regardless of dollar amount and regardless of whether the commitment is revocable or irrevocable. ASF requests that donors provide a copy of the legal document that references the donor's gift, but documents are not required for listing in the Legacy Society. In the absence of the above, ASF requires a written statement from the donor summarizing the gift arrangement.

ASF will always remain cognizant of the donor's needs and desires and reserves the right to refuse any planned gift, or enter into any planned gift arrangement, that is not in ASF's best interest.

Lasting Impact

Your investment in students, public education, teachers and ultimately the community, is one of the most impactful investments you can make.

To find out more about why your gift is important, contact

First to Join

Greg and Sue Monaghan Cap Sante Scholarship awarded to Kylee Minter in 2018

The first donors to join the ASF Legacy Society were Anacortes residents Greg and Sue Monaghan. The Monaghans believe “few causes in life can have a greater influence on a young person's journey than the gift of a formal education or advanced training in a trade.” They have pledged to endow a scholarship for a student graduating from Cap Sante High School through their estate. And, because they want to see their giving in action and meet some of their recipients, they are also funding an annual scholarship.

Endowments like the Monaghan's are a means for donors to effectively support educational excellence in the Anacortes School District and leave a lasting legacy in the community. ASF is governed by a board of directors who provide stewardship for, and disburse the earnings from, these endowment funds. Donors may designate earnings for a specific purpose like scholarships, STEM, or early learning, or allow ASF to determine where the needs are greatest.

Please note that no information on this website should be considered as the rendering of legal, accounting or other professional advice. Please consult your personal tax and financial advisors before implementing a planned gift to charity, including one to the Anacortes Schools Foundation. The Anacortes Schools Foundation is a local 501(c)3 local non-profit, charity that serves students, and teachers in the Anacortes School District. Our Tax ID Number is 91-1263495. ASF shall not give legal or advice or specific tax information to prospective donors. All information about a donor or named income beneficiaries, including names, ages, gift amounts, and net worth should be kept strictly confidential by the organization unless permission is obtained from the donor to release such information.