Scholarship Support

Scholarship Support

Contribute to our general scholarship fund or establish a scholarship of your own or in memory of a loved one.


ASF started awarding scholarships in 1982, 2 years before officially forming a 501(c)3 organization


Awarded in scholarships to students since 1982


Individual scholarships awarded to students pursuing continued education

ASF Scholarship Program

ASF has a rich history of providing scholarships to Anacortes students and a robust current program. In June 2021, ASF awarded over $315,000 to over 100 students. Scholarships are funded each year in one of two ways (or a combination of both ways):


Annual Scholarship

$1000 or more

Donation/s from individual or corporate donors are received by ASF each year, then distributed as scholarships. Some scholarships are awarded as “one time only,” while others are awarded every year.


Endowed Scholarship

Minimum of $20,000
(payable to ASF over up to 4 years)

Annual scholarship funds are provided through earnings on endowments which are held by ASF and managed by a professional investment management company. The corpus remains in full and, pursuant to the donors wishes, the scholarship may continue in perpetuity. Funds available for scholarships may vary from year to year, depending on investment performance.


How are ASF Scholarships awarded?

Each spring, students are invited to apply online for ASF scholarships. Students submit one common application and are considered for over 120 individual scholarships. Depending on the type of scholarship students may be asked to include grades, test scores (optional), area of career interest, extracurricular activities, community involvement, financial need, etc.

The ASF Scholarship Selection Committee reviews the applications and the available scholarships and decides on the awards. The donors, if they desire, are notified of the award recipient. However, IRS rules do not allow the donor to select the scholarship recipients.

Some scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, while others are based on areas of interest or financial need. Some are awarded for students pursuing an education in a specific field of study (such as STEM, nursing, the arts, international studies, etc.). Some are awarded based on a student’s demonstrated willingness and ability to help others. Most are awarded on a combination of criteria (with some criteria to serve as “tie-breakers.”)