Be a Sponsor

Be a Sponsor

Support education while promoting your business.

We love our community partners

Investing in public education is essential to the future economic success of individuals, businesses, communities and the nation. Today, public funding from state and property taxes is not enough to meet funding requirements and ensure all our students will thrive. The money ASF raises from parents, businesses and community members helps bridge this funding gap.

Excellent schools contribute to strong communities. We are all stakeholders in public education and education is the key to economic growth and prosperity. Your sponsorship will demonstrate to the community your dedication to preparing our students to learn and thrive.

Let’s work together to assure the continued vitality of our community.

Logos displayed at Anacortes Schools Foundation events

Opportunities to sponsor

ASF has several sponsorship opportunities, including the Ready to Learn Fair in August, Fueling Education Fun Run and 5K in September, and Celebrate the Season in December.

Each of these events has different sponsorship levels and corresponding benefits. As a sponsor, you can promote your business to families and our community and take pride in shaping our next generation.

Event and Annual Sponsorship Levels:
  • $20,000+ ASF Partner
  • $10,000+ Superintendent Level
  • $5,000+ Presenting Level
  • $2,000+ Principal Level
  • $1,000+ Event Level

To find out more about how your business can sponsor an event, contact