Curtis Family Scholarship for Children of First Responders

The Curtis Family Scholarship for Children of First Responders was established and endowed by Jack and Josette Curtis and administered by the Anacortes Schools Foundation. Through a combined 40 years of service to the country, Jack and Josette Curtis developed a strong appreciation for all who serve their communities, not just those who choose to serve in the military. This scholarship recognizes the service and sacrifices made by families of first responders. The first award will be made in June of 2022.

On 9/11/2021, and in recognition of the twentieth anniversary of the devastating attacks on our country, Jack rode his bicycle 110 miles (one mile for each floor in the old World Trade Center towers). He completed his ride at the Veterans Memorial at Rice Field.

Though the scholarship is funded, your generous contribution and partnership would allow for even larger scholarships for more applicants. To help support this scholarship donate here. Then, follow the prompts: Choose amount. Designation College Scholarships. In honor of: First Responders.

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